It’s better to put intentions down on paper. Definitely carries more clout and accountability. So whilst the auspicious month of January has been in full fast swing and is now almost over, I again reflect on my good writing aims for 2019.

  • Submit and get published.
  • Write more short stories. (And poetry).
  • Continue to hone the stories.
  • Promote novella (already published).
  • Keep growing plot and characters of next spec fic novel.
  • Don’t stress on it. Lots is happening!
  • Continue to engage in writing society that suits what I write.
  • Attend writers festivals and conferences that suit what I write.
  • Don’t get overwhelmed. Writers world is a huge one and can get very exciting.
  • Smile, breathe, meditate, do day job and don’t over think.
  • Blog weekly (did I say that?!)

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