“In the ancient lore, that’s how it happened. ” Imala’s grandmother sighed gently. “They had such ways of purity through the mind that they could change matter. ” Imala gaped curiously. “A total biological procedure that was initiated by one amazing thought of clear selfless love. It was sacred and unconditional then, the activity of love. The mental impact began slowly and grew into what those people later called ecstasy or bliss.” Imala was intrigued.

At sixteen, Imala had had her fair share of suitors, being a princess-daughter of the Emperor and Empress of the most powerful kingdom in the lands north, south, east and west of the Himalaya. Today she was meeting eight of them, from far and wide, for a Choosing Ceremony. She would pick the one she felt best by looking into his eyes for one minute or so.

Her grandmother had taught her this skill of intuition. In ten years, she would learn more of the kiss and how children came to be. Much more was to happen in between.

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