Time for a blog post to share some news and views. May has almost ended and we’ve been in Lockdown now for 2-3 months. As has been suggested by many, this time of isolation is good for those who are naturally hermit-like and introvert. This is a part of me for sure, however not the full picture. I like being around people, I like to go out and I like choosing activities that take me into another environment for the newness and refreshment it brings.

Still, this enforced time of being at home has been useful and productive with my writing, finishing stories and submitting them, seeking out some new publishers and gaining further momentum which my main publisher, the fabulous, prolific Black Hare Press.

There’s also been the study of Narratology in this past few months, although not a favourite initially, has turned out to be useful as well as interesting. (Would the idea of analysing text previously caught my attention? No. But now it does.) Just need to plan and complete the 3000 word final essay now, and onto the next unit which is a look at short stories. Yes!

Here (above) are a few anthologies which are publishing one of my stories, or microfiction.

One of the most fun pieces I wrote lately was about a huge live-in robot called ‘The Magnificent General Vici Galactos’ This was accepted into BHPs Lockdown sci-fi series.

I will try and do a monthly blog. Promise. Take care and stay tuned in.


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