It’s already March and I’m sitting inside listening to non-stop soft, relentless rain and about to make a coffee. My writing achievements since last blog have been varied. For accepted publication I’ve written vampire and ancient myths drabbles, longer dark fantasy stories about mermaids, envious witches and dying queens. A favourite piece was for children (family friendly) which was a delight to write; The Chocolate Cake Elves.

In the world of social media and writing groups and connections there have been comings and goings, new publishers stepping out boldly with a range of interesting calls for super-short and longer-long work. As usual my best writing time has been around 5am, and on those mornings where I have been free to write, I’ve notched up some words, sometimes 1k plus which is an achievement for me.

My five favourite publishers are currently Black Ink Fiction, Raven and Drake, Black Hare Press, Paper Djinn Press and Breaking Rules Europe. This is where I am sending most of my work.

It’s a time of change in the world, and on a personal level. And I am getting shrewder as to where I want to spend my online socials time, and what I want to write about. I feel a novel stirring inside, although can’t just yet get cracking on it, as a few other things need to fall into place. Mysterious? Yes I know.

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