I blinked and it’s November 2021 already. How did that happen? This has been a significant year for me and my writing. I’ve spent the last four months in the stunning Blue Mountains in New South Wales, west of Sydney. The last coinciding lockdown is easing and it means travel is possible, which allows me to plan a few short visits in the region. Exciting stuff. Two big lockdowns in the past two years has been rather life-changing. I feel different, wiser perhaps?

So where does my writing take me of late? I’m looking into writing in other genres and speculative fiction sub-genres. What do I most enjoy writing? Short stories with humorous sci-fi or sci-fantasy themes, YA dark fantasy or paranormal romance themes, and poetry with a broad range of speculative themes.

Some of the published fiction and poetry anthologies that have included my work this year can be seen below.

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