It’s still cold up here in the mountains, although less so, and it even snowed several weeks ago, but the signs of Spring are here to stay. Flowers are coming out, the birds (and other creatures) are around and about, and I’m cheering them on as it’s now October, and the feeling of Spring is more than tiptoeing in, it’s HERE, and I LOVE it.

magic can happen in Spring
UK in Spring; the new, old, light and dark. Photo by Grant Hudson.

One of my poems, Like a White Feather, which was written for my mama, Rita who passed on July 4th this year was accepted for the Dream 2 anthology from Raven’s Quoth Press. Thanks publishers.

Life has taken some promising turns and my last few years of writing often has given way to writing every couple of weeks. On my part this is not an unfortunate thing. In fact to be honest I am writing every few days, poetry, musings and occasional editing of stories past. But…… the deep heart of the matter, my yogi lifestyle gathers me up with open arms and tosses me into a new chapter (since May 2021 really). Lucky me!

Some of the inspired poetry books from Raven’s Quoth Press. Check them out.

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