I’m in a semi-editing mode. In fact I’ve been in this space since early 2022 and it’s become my writing direction. I have six or more short stories I need to edit and each one is a project within itself. I’m also submitting; usually a short story every couple of months, (one of the edited ones as I’m not starting any new ones yet), and poetry at least monthly, sometimes bi-monthly. It’s not what I would call prolific right now and that is totally fine. This isn’t writer’s block – whatever that is – for me it doesn’t happen. I have other work which is keeping me tip top and on top of things but I’m not stopping my writing. Impossible.

Last Sunday I spent a day at WestWords in Parramatta and enjoyed the 4 sessions including writer’s discussing their books, a stimulating writing workshop from the lovely Deaf writer Fiona Murphy, more writers interviewed about their books and finally a chance to read some poetry in the afternoon slam. It was the first time I have read for a public group like that – all women too – and I must say I got emotional. It was a great day although glad to get back to the mountains afterwards as it was a Big Day Out, having just come back from India and all that that entails in ‘transitioning’ and ‘recalibrating’ and ‘settling back in.’

I have a couple of upcoming publications in anthologies. My story from the dragon’s viewpoint, “The Dismal Dragon” will be featured in the Black Hare Press 500 Fiction series book, DRAGON. It comes out on March 21st and here is the pre-order https//readerlinks.com/l/3208099.

My short fantasy story called “The Wishing Chair” about disenfranchised forest djinn from Persia celebrating their love and magic will be in the upcoming GALAXY #9 anthology from Clarendon House Publishing. Thanks to Grant Hudson, a supportive and broad-ranging publisher.

Some wise words: Inner Strength means transforming mistakes into Wisdom.

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