March Musings

I’m in a semi-editing mode. In fact I’ve been in this space since early 2022 and it’s become my writing direction. I have six or more short stories I need to edit and each one is a project within itself. I’m also submitting; usually a short story every couple of months, (one of the edited ones as I’m not starting any new ones yet), and poetry at least monthly, sometimes bi-monthly. It’s not what I would call prolific right now and that is totally fine. This isn’t writer’s block – whatever that is – for me it doesn’t happen. I have other work which is keeping me tip top and on top of things but I’m not stopping my writing. Impossible.

Last Sunday I spent a day at WestWords in Parramatta and enjoyed the 4 sessions including writer’s discussing their books, a stimulating writing workshop from the lovely Deaf writer Fiona Murphy, more writers interviewed about their books and finally a chance to read some poetry in the afternoon slam. It was the first time I have read for a public group like that – all women too – and I must say I got emotional. It was a great day although glad to get back to the mountains afterwards as it was a Big Day Out, having just come back from India and all that that entails in ‘transitioning’ and ‘recalibrating’ and ‘settling back in.’

I have a couple of upcoming publications in anthologies. My story from the dragon’s viewpoint, “The Dismal Dragon” will be featured in the Black Hare Press 500 Fiction series book, DRAGON. It comes out on March 21st and here is the pre-order https//

My short fantasy story called “The Wishing Chair” about disenfranchised forest djinn from Persia celebrating their love and magic will be in the upcoming GALAXY #9 anthology from Clarendon House Publishing. Thanks to Grant Hudson, a supportive and broad-ranging publisher.

Some wise words: Inner Strength means transforming mistakes into Wisdom.

Ending 2022 – News & Views

Wait a minute. Has this been the quickest year yet? Here we are heading towards the end of 2022 like a fast train. I hope everyone’s staying on the rails as a lot of things seem they are rapidly changing. And that includes my blog here. How so? I’m changing so what I write and put my attention (ie: time and energy) to is also different. I like it. I hope you do too. I hope you keep up.

2022 has seen more publishing of my poetry than previous years. This was an intention and it bore fruit. I’ve also just entered several short stories into an Australian award program, so let’s see how that goes. Stay tuned.

India calls and travel is easier than it has been for the past few covid years, so I’m off in February. More news to come. May your festive season be Merry and easy. Yo 2023. 🎵💜🎶

Spring She Sings Soundly

It’s still cold up here in the mountains, although less so, and it even snowed several weeks ago, but the signs of Spring are here to stay. Flowers are coming out, the birds (and other creatures) are around and about, and I’m cheering them on as it’s now October, and the feeling of Spring is more than tiptoeing in, it’s HERE, and I LOVE it.

magic can happen in Spring
UK in Spring; the new, old, light and dark. Photo by Grant Hudson.

One of my poems, Like a White Feather, which was written for my mama, Rita who passed on July 4th this year was accepted for the Dream 2 anthology from Raven’s Quoth Press. Thanks publishers.

Life has taken some promising turns and my last few years of writing often has given way to writing every couple of weeks. On my part this is not an unfortunate thing. In fact to be honest I am writing every few days, poetry, musings and occasional editing of stories past. But…… the deep heart of the matter, my yogi lifestyle gathers me up with open arms and tosses me into a new chapter (since May 2021 really). Lucky me!

Some of the inspired poetry books from Raven’s Quoth Press. Check them out.

Across the Continent

It’s Late June and I’m in Perth. Finally, I made it here after months of being locked down and locked out. And so far, it’s been a wonder; the feeling of ambiance is pervading and the nature is earthy and raw. Three weeks here looks to be a rich time for reflection, connection and joy.

Speculative poetry from Black Hare Press includes “Alice’s Adventures in Cyberspace”.
Coming soon,  BALM #2, includes the poem, The Mercy of Anna Lisa.
I am spending precious, privileged moments – long nights – with my mother Rita, in South Australia. She is preparing for her next scenes in the play of life. My lovely inspired, creative, savvy mum has given me many a good lesson, and rivers of love and hope. Update: today on July 4th, Rita passed on, with dignity and grace. Several of our family were gathered around and I had been reading aloud a short story mum wrote about her and my Aunty Paula’s adventures on holiday in Darwin, chaperoned by my cousin Russ. We were laughing and enjoying it a lot. Very soon after my mother left her mortal costume lightly and peacefully.
(*Beautiful pink flowers with thanks to Grant Hudson for the imagery.)

It’s Already April.

So it’s April…already. The year flies and things get done. In 2022 I seem to be focussed more on my poetic submissions rather than short stories. Several pieces of poetry have been accepted to anthologies this year. See above or below.

I have about 6 stories to further edit sometime this year, most likely. 2022 has involved national travel, more permanent relocation, running several experiential writing workshops, retreat activities and catching up with many old friends and acquaintances.

So a lot of time and attention to the above – enjoyably so, and although the writing of course is still flowing, it’s not foremost priority. Which is fine. My aim has always been to get published and this has been achieved with work in over fifty anthologies with several publishers.

Includes ‘Teaching Thomas’ – an almost true story of mine.

Let’s Wind up 2021 & Look into 2022

It’s almost late January. Over New Year I had 4 enjoyable days in Canberra with friends and fam. It’s a beautiful green city with so many big trees and grassy spaces, such a joy to visit. It gave me time and clarity to consolidate my hopes of the year ahead, although I know it’s ‘a day at a time’ and plans can change by the minute. Covid thinks it rules. But then, I obey the rules and be safe, sensible and avoid the angst. Where does conflict get you? Really.

Writing SciFi has increased my love for these creatures!

2021 saw a range of accepted writing work and resultant publication. I won’t list the details here, it’s on my other social sites. Poetry, short stories and drabbles have been in numerous anthologies. I should do a head and cover count, but in all honesty that doesn’t seem so important. I am writing – mostly poetry – and I’ve run a few small creative writing workshops. Good for the spirit! In 2022 I’m planning to pursue more genres and poetry calls. My time is currently highly invested in my spiritual path – my 38 years of yogi life – as I am living in a retreat centre, so this is calling me, according to present times and circumstances. I will still be writing, of course, but less social media presence. In fact I’ve said adios to Twitter as it didn’t seem necessary any more. I never said I wanted fame, wealth or glory as an author; it’s always been about the love of writing. That’s it. And I’ve encountered some unique and interesting people too, on the way. You know who you are.

So for a snapshot of 2021s entire range of writing productivity, you may want to go to Apologies for the redirecting but it’s the best I can do – I’m having a lazy moment.

I spent quite some time in 2021 being the team leader for the 13 Lives of Alice anthology; a Black Hare Press publication. Apart from being a good behind-the-scenes learning experience in communicating with and managing (mostly-haha!) a team of 12 prolific authors, I had a chance to think on my feet regularly. The mighty Ben from BHP was in my radar and latched onto his ear, as needed of course. I do believe it was a pretty good team effort, and thank you a thousand times over to all the team, especially those of you who gallantly came in at the almost final moment! Heroes, all!

Just a snapshot of some work in 2021. Lots of good moments in writing, getting published, learning more about writing & publishing, as well as chatting on socials with writing buddies. See you again soon, hopefully before June. Just kidding. haha. Plans for 2022? Have started writing some essays for a proposed collection currently called UNBLOCKED. (Let’s see how it progresses, especially with that title…..)

November Already!

I blinked and it’s November 2021 already. How did that happen? This has been a significant year for me and my writing. I’ve spent the last four months in the stunning Blue Mountains in New South Wales, west of Sydney. The last coinciding lockdown is easing and it means travel is possible, which allows me to plan a few short visits in the region. Exciting stuff. Two big lockdowns in the past two years has been rather life-changing. I feel different, wiser perhaps?

So where does my writing take me of late? I’m looking into writing in other genres and speculative fiction sub-genres. What do I most enjoy writing? Short stories with humorous sci-fi or sci-fantasy themes, YA dark fantasy or paranormal romance themes, and poetry with a broad range of speculative themes.

Some of the published fiction and poetry anthologies that have included my work this year can be seen below.