Across the Continent

It’s Late June and I’m in Perth. Finally, I made it here after months of being locked down and locked out. And so far, it’s been a wonder; the feeling of ambiance is pervading and the nature is earthy and raw. Three weeks here looks to be a rich time for reflection, connection and joy.

Speculative poetry from Black Hare Press includes “Alice’s Adventures in Cyberspace”.
Coming soon,  BALM #2, includes the poem, The Mercy of Anna Lisa.
I am spending precious, privileged moments – long nights – with my mother Rita, in South Australia. She is preparing for her next scenes in the play of life. My lovely inspired, creative, savvy mum has given me many a good lesson, and rivers of love and hope. Update: today on July 4th, Rita passed on, with dignity and grace. Several of our family were gathered around and I had been reading aloud a short story mum wrote about her and my Aunty Paula’s adventures on holiday in Darwin, chaperoned by my cousin Russ. We were laughing and enjoying it a lot. Very soon after my mother left her mortal costume lightly and peacefully.
(*Beautiful pink flowers with thanks to Grant Hudson for the imagery.)

It’s Already April.

So it’s April…already. The year flies and things get done. In 2022 I seem to be focussed more on my poetic submissions rather than short stories. Several pieces of poetry have been accepted to anthologies this year. See above or below.

I have about 6 stories to further edit sometime this year, most likely. 2022 has involved national travel, more permanent relocation, running several experiential writing workshops, retreat activities and catching up with many old friends and acquaintances.

So a lot of time and attention to the above – enjoyably so, and although the writing of course is still flowing, it’s not foremost priority. Which is fine. My aim has always been to get published and this has been achieved with work in over fifty anthologies with several publishers.

Includes ‘Teaching Thomas’ – an almost true story of mine.

Let’s Wind up 2021 & Look into 2022

It’s almost late January. Over New Year I had 4 enjoyable days in Canberra with friends and fam. It’s a beautiful green city with so many big trees and grassy spaces, such a joy to visit. It gave me time and clarity to consolidate my hopes of the year ahead, although I know it’s ‘a day at a time’ and plans can change by the minute. Covid thinks it rules. But then, I obey the rules and be safe, sensible and avoid the angst. Where does conflict get you? Really.

Writing SciFi has increased my love for these creatures!

2021 saw a range of accepted writing work and resultant publication. I won’t list the details here, it’s on my other social sites. Poetry, short stories and drabbles have been in numerous anthologies. I should do a head and cover count, but in all honesty that doesn’t seem so important. I am writing – mostly poetry – and I’ve run a few small creative writing workshops. Good for the spirit! In 2022 I’m planning to pursue more genres and poetry calls. My time is currently highly invested in my spiritual path – my 38 years of yogi life – as I am living in a retreat centre, so this is calling me, according to present times and circumstances. I will still be writing, of course, but less social media presence. In fact I’ve said adios to Twitter as it didn’t seem necessary any more. I never said I wanted fame, wealth or glory as an author; it’s always been about the love of writing. That’s it. And I’ve encountered some unique and interesting people too, on the way. You know who you are.

So for a snapshot of 2021s entire range of writing productivity, you may want to go to Apologies for the redirecting but it’s the best I can do – I’m having a lazy moment.

I spent quite some time in 2021 being the team leader for the 13 Lives of Alice anthology; a Black Hare Press publication. Apart from being a good behind-the-scenes learning experience in communicating with and managing (mostly-haha!) a team of 12 prolific authors, I had a chance to think on my feet regularly. The mighty Ben from BHP was in my radar and latched onto his ear, as needed of course. I do believe it was a pretty good team effort, and thank you a thousand times over to all the team, especially those of you who gallantly came in at the almost final moment! Heroes, all!

Just a snapshot of some work in 2021. Lots of good moments in writing, getting published, learning more about writing & publishing, as well as chatting on socials with writing buddies. See you again soon, hopefully before June. Just kidding. haha. Plans for 2022? Have started writing some essays for a proposed collection currently called UNBLOCKED. (Let’s see how it progresses, especially with that title…..)

November Already!

I blinked and it’s November 2021 already. How did that happen? This has been a significant year for me and my writing. I’ve spent the last four months in the stunning Blue Mountains in New South Wales, west of Sydney. The last coinciding lockdown is easing and it means travel is possible, which allows me to plan a few short visits in the region. Exciting stuff. Two big lockdowns in the past two years has been rather life-changing. I feel different, wiser perhaps?

So where does my writing take me of late? I’m looking into writing in other genres and speculative fiction sub-genres. What do I most enjoy writing? Short stories with humorous sci-fi or sci-fantasy themes, YA dark fantasy or paranormal romance themes, and poetry with a broad range of speculative themes.

Some of the published fiction and poetry anthologies that have included my work this year can be seen below.

Spring arrives Shining!

It’s now September – which is great news. Here in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, where we’ve been locked down since the end of June, Spring is emerging. It’s great to see nature doing it’s thing, amidst all the blah, fake news and escalating concerns around Covid 19 and it’s progeny of angst. I’ve had my 2 AZ shots, I encourage others to do the same and be forward-thinking, but not everyone is joining me in this boat. It’s become a very individual choice. So, it’s rejuvenating to see deep red camelias, magnolias bursting alive,  puffy pristine yellow wattle balls branching out and a range of green colours, daphne and the rest just coming along to join the play.

Mainly Moving!

Having just realised I haven’t done a blog post since February, I shooed away the procrastination goblin and got cracking. So here we are. What’s been happening? Apart from moving soon and the consequent downsizing, I actually haven’t written many new words of late. However, I’ve been editing, keeping on top of the not-now-secret ALICE project and it’s 12 savvy authors, and joining another group project via Black Hare Press.

Further on the indie publishing scene, a few new worthy of note anthologies have come out in the past few months from Black Hare Press, Raven and Drake, Black Ink Fiction, Breaking Rules Europe, Barrio Blues Press and Clarendon House Books. Maybe I’m a little biased here as my work is in a sprinkling of these publishers recent works. See cover pics below. Short blog today. Stay safe. Stay happy.

Inspiration for June 1st.

Be Kind, you don’t know what’s going on under anyone’s external face, however brave they may be appearing.

Change is a Multicoloured Thing

It’s already March and I’m sitting inside listening to non-stop soft, relentless rain and about to make a coffee. My writing achievements since last blog have been varied. For accepted publication I’ve written vampire and ancient myths drabbles, longer dark fantasy stories about mermaids, envious witches and dying queens. A favourite piece was for children (family friendly) which was a delight to write; The Chocolate Cake Elves.

In the world of social media and writing groups and connections there have been comings and goings, new publishers stepping out boldly with a range of interesting calls for super-short and longer-long work. As usual my best writing time has been around 5am, and on those mornings where I have been free to write, I’ve notched up some words, sometimes 1k plus which is an achievement for me.

My five favourite publishers are currently Black Ink Fiction, Raven and Drake, Black Hare Press, Paper Djinn Press and Breaking Rules Europe. This is where I am sending most of my work.

It’s a time of change in the world, and on a personal level. And I am getting shrewder as to where I want to spend my online socials time, and what I want to write about. I feel a novel stirring inside, although can’t just yet get cracking on it, as a few other things need to fall into place. Mysterious? Yes I know.

Interviewing 3 Authors on Writing & Welcoming a Year of Possibility

We’re getting into the beginning of February 2021 already, and it’s a timely time to write a blog post. I’ve been quite proactive with drabbles this month, having three each accepted by Insignia Stories on the theme of Asian Mythical Beasts, four accepted by Breaking Rules Europe, and two by new indie press, Raven and Drake, on a themes of European folklore, legend and mythology. Wonderful stuff to write about, and greatly enjoyed the research, from one side of the planet to another. Am loving writing myth and legend; well it’s really rewriting isn’t it? Revisionism. Those Norse legends have intrigued me the most, having never delved into that area much at all in the past.

I pitched an idea to my Black Hare Press publisher revolving around a speculative take on Alice, the heroine of Wonderland. It was accepted and now there’s quite a buzz flowing with a range of genres where Alice is led to her latest very interesting adventures. This is a challenge for 13 exciting authors (including myself), and will be out in 2022, possibly earlier perhaps. Stay tuned. 🐰

Dawn DeBraal is highly prolific, writing numerous short stories in the couple of years since she has been professionally writing. You can catch her work in a large range of press including Paper Djinn Press, Kandisha Press, Black Hare Press and numerous others. She writes first drafts of 5k words in a day. So she’s that kind of committed to her writing.

Twitter: @DawnDebraal

Ximena Escobar recently relocated to Sydney Australia from the UK. She’s originally from Chile. She writes and publishes short fiction and poetry. She has also written for numerous indie press. She recently featured in Zero Hour, a cyberpunk anthology from Black Hare Press. She also greatly enjoys the Sydney beach out-of-town coastline for family get-aways.

Twitter: @laximenin

D. Kershaw is the co-founder of Black Hare Press.As well as having stories accepted by WPC Press, Paramour Ink, Breaking Rules Europe and Blood Song Books, he moonlights as a minion of the hell hare, Captain Woundwort, in the dark hours.

Website :

Authors – Dawn DeBraal, Ximena Ecobar and D. Kershaw.

Authors on writing ideas

In a recent discussion, indie author Dawn DeBraal said to me, “If I can come up with an idea, I can write,” after having just written the first draft of an over-5000 word story in just one day. As I was quite impressed by her writing speed, I posed the following questions about writing to Dawn, as well as two Australian authors, Ximena Escobar and D. Kershaw.

How long have you been writing seriously?

DDB: I sent my first story out in November 2018. It was accepted! I have been addicted to that feeling since.

XE: Thanks for having me! Dawn is definitely a writing machine. Me, not so much. I could write articles and essays fast—- get an idea, as Dawn says, and write it. But the way I write fiction is tied to form and this slows me down. I reread and edit as I go; even if it’s a casual dialogue, nothing pretentious or poetic. Because I usually don’t know what’s going to happen next, so what I wrote before shows me the way forward, gives me the ideas.

DK: I had my first story, a drabble, published in 2019—”Hungry Restrain” in Blood Song Books’ Forest of Fear 1 which was a fill in for a post-production dropout (and I may have been a little drunk when I wrote it…don’t judge me, I was camping…).
I didn’t really write anything seriously before that. It hasn’t been a big part of my life—bar the editorial bits—until now.

It’s taken a while to feel confident in myself. And I’m an introvert, so I don’t like to share anything of my personal life. And when you’ve been closed for such a long time, it’s hard to let people see what’s inside.

Do you get lots of ideas just like that, or do you get inspired by particular themes?

DDB: I work well with prompts, so a lot of my writing is toward a call for a particular submission. But life and memories give prompts everyday if we are open to them.

XE: Both… Certain themes inspire me more than others, though. Ancient cultures, philosophy, women, misogyny, heart ache, intimacy, friendship. Visuals too. An image will often get those juices flowing, providing that extra ingredient to the above themes. But never the story. A situation yes, but my stories are not usually plot driven. When they are, such as in the case of collaborations where several authors write a chapter of the same cohesive story, I still need something else to get me going. Zero Hour, for example. I had the plot premise, but it was the question of how would your mind cope with sound and vision augs, the idea of that intensified stimuli /experience, that got me writing. It birthed a character which was totally outside of the main storyline, and trying to fit her into it gave my story shape. Also channelled Blade Runner and picked up elements from the only two other chapters I read before writing mine… I love it. Love everything about writing.

DK: I write to themes. I see a call I like; I try to write for it. But I don’t have much time, due to my commitments with Black Hare Press.

Or if I have a special someone who I know likes to read.

I can’t really just write, I need an end goal.

What has been your fastest to publication story you ever wrote?

DDB: Sometimes I write it in the morning and send it in the afternoon. Then you are at the mercy of the publisher. I am not a long-distance writer, yet. I hope to get there someday. 3000 is my sweet spot.

XE: Probably Gluttony, for Black Hare Press’s Seven Deadly Sins Series. It’s short, no more than 1k, but I wrote it in one sitting just before the deadline, and I received my acceptance soon after.

DK: I’m not sure. Maybe Forest of Fear 2? That was an invite only and I had to beg to be in it—I know, right? Me??

How many short stories did you write last year (2020)?

DDB: I submitted 274 stories, poems and drabbles, I received 128 acceptances in 2020.

XE: About 45, not including poems. Less drabbles than the previous year so I upped my word count.

DK: Not so many—I’ve been a reluctant writer.

“Quota” for Blood Song Books’ Harvest, “Heaven Scent” for Paramour Ink’s Happy Howlidays. I was invited to the tribe by author David Green for Black Hare Press’ Route 13 (which comes out later this year) and had five drabbles as a fill-in for a dropout in Quietus 13.  

How many have you written to date? (Include drabbles or micro-fiction separately if you want to include them too.)

DDB: I’ve submitted 647 stories in the two years I’ve been writing which includes short stories, drabbles, and poem. With this morning’s acceptance, I am at 298 acceptances excited to be hitting that 300 mark.

XE:   I’ve had about 150 stories published all up, including reprints, drabbles and poems. But I have more, unpublished, and several wips. I’m too lazy to count! 

DK: My first was a drabble for Forest of Fear 1 in 2019…then eight more in 2020…plus seven this year…that’s…sixteen! (Twelve of those were drabbles.). All were accepted. Some are still pending publication.

Have particular quotes or pictures/images given you ideas?

DDB: As I stated earlier, everything in life is a story, you just have to see it. So yes. Everything is an idea.

XE: Yes. A Haiku by Pina Leyland inspired my story “The Making of a Star”, first published by Black Hare Press and then reprinted by Literally Stories. My story “Self-Portrait in a Velvet Dress” was inspired by Frida Kahlo’s painting and the story behind it.  My story “Return of Dragons”, at least the first line of the first draft, was inspired by the cover of the anthology in question.

DK: No, I write for calls, so whatever ideas the call gives.

How do you create your story? Characters first? Main character first? Something else comes first?

DDB: It’s a strange process. When I was a songwriter, someone would be speaking and something they said “sang” in my head. It’s similar to my writing. When I see something or hear a name I love, I have the story, right there. As I am writing it will take twists and turns.

XE: It will be a character, an image, an emotion or a situation. I find the story as I go.

DK: I have a basic plot in my head…what I think I want to happen. Then I start writing. Then it morphs into something completely different. 😊

If I’m comfortable with the genre—such as horror or dystopian—I find it easier to write.

My Happy Howlidays story was way out of my comfort zone—no horror, and fade-to-black romance. I had to fully plot that one, and it gave me so much anxiety to get it out of my head and onto paper. I see that reflected in the writing.

Are you a plotter? A strategic writer with a plan?  Or are you a pantser? Run with it as it evolves in your head? (By the seat of your pants).

DDB: Since my main genre is short stories you don’t need much plotting. You start with the idea and it unfolds as you write. And yes, most definitely a “pantser.” I will start with an idea. Sometimes I will put a break under me and write the next idea I just came up with and head toward that goal in the story.

XE: Not a planner all! I don’t even think my characters through. I just know them intimately, back to front, but I don’t necessarily know what they do for a job for example, unless it’s important.

DK: Plantser.

What advice would you give to other newer writers about writing a fast short story based on one idea?

DDB: Advice. Make sure you have checked and rechecked for errors. Sloppy writing of a good story could get you a rejection because an editor doesn’t want to have to take a lot of time to go over your story. Also submit. If you don’t submit it’s a no, if you do submit, it’s a maybe. Thank you, Gopi for asking!

XE: Don’t think I’d give any advice about writing fast… But it would be to not doubt yourself. Write what you want to write, the way you want to write it. Be true to yourself. Then listen to any feedback you receive, understand the editor or beta reader’s perspective before deciding to ignore their suggestions. They usually have a valid point. 

DK: Have an idea of how your story will go. I find it easier to have an end point in mind. What’s going to be your final scene? What does your character need to achieve? Then work out where it can start. And go from there. Easy, huh?

Because I don’t plot, I start where I start, and it goes where it goes. More often than not, I don’t end up with the story I first thought of in the beginning.

My “Watch Over You” for Love in the Dark (WPC Press, out 7th February 2021) is a good example of that. It was supposed to be a chilling stalker-type tale, but…well, it didn’t turn out anything close to that…

Also…research. Make sure you have an idea of what your mythological creature looks like, where they live, the name of the lakes around there, etc.

So Ends 2020

Endings and Beginnings

In November I aligned myself to NaNoWriMo and was inspired to write 1k words daily for over 2 weeks. It was a new kind of challenge and in that time I was consistent and productive. Mid-month I got distracted with editing for the several pieces of work I’d created. Then life got busy in other ways and I couldn’t continue with the daily 1k discipline.

The benefit of all this was that now I know I can write 1k (or more) words a day which could make a novella happening in one month seem way less daunting. Get to it, girl…

December release
Coming in February 2021
Coming soon

Since writing the above in the past fortnight a strong voice in my head has put it to me that in 2021 I should focus some consistent ideas I’ve had on creating an 80,000k novel. And why not? The task seems a lot less daunting since I got in the run with NaNo this year.

Keeping that in mind, I will still be following up a pitch that’s on the verge of emerging, as well as more lovely poetry, short stories and drabbles. The way to go.

Coming soon from Black Hare Press

Congratulations to those writers accepted for this pirates anthology ⚔🎈🗡♠️🎈

Ending on a short note. I don’t doubt that 2021 will be full of surprises. There’s benefit in everything – even though it may not seem that way whilst in the thick of it. Time to reassess, re-evaluate, and not throw out the baby with the bathwater. It’s not the time to give oneself pain at somebody else’s mistakes. Breathe, stand back, and head in your chosen direction. This makes sense to me. Enjoy time with friends and fam at Christmas. Keep smelling the roses. 💜🌿💎🎈🌲🎈💎🌿💜