Let’s Wind up 2021 & Look into 2022

It’s almost late January. Over New Year I had 4 enjoyable days in Canberra with friends and fam. It’s a beautiful green city with so many big trees and grassy spaces, such a joy to visit. It gave me time and clarity to consolidate my hopes of the year ahead, although I know it’s ‘a day at a time’ and plans can change by the minute. Covid thinks it rules. But then, I obey the rules and be safe, sensible and avoid the angst. Where does conflict get you? Really.

Writing SciFi has increased my love for these creatures!

2021 saw a range of accepted writing work and resultant publication. I won’t list the details here, it’s on my other social sites. Poetry, short stories and drabbles have been in numerous anthologies. I should do a head and cover count, but in all honesty that doesn’t seem so important. I am writing – mostly poetry – and I’ve run a few small creative writing workshops. Good for the spirit! In 2022 I’m planning to pursue more genres and poetry calls. My time is currently highly invested in my spiritual path – my 38 years of yogi life – as I am living in a retreat centre, so this is calling me, according to present times and circumstances. I will still be writing, of course, but less social media presence. In fact I’ve said adios to Twitter as it didn’t seem necessary any more. I never said I wanted fame, wealth or glory as an author; it’s always been about the love of writing. That’s it. And I’ve encountered some unique and interesting people too, on the way. You know who you are.

So for a snapshot of 2021s entire range of writing productivity, you may want to go to https://www.facebook.com/djeltonwrites/ Apologies for the redirecting but it’s the best I can do – I’m having a lazy moment.

I spent quite some time in 2021 being the team leader for the 13 Lives of Alice anthology; a Black Hare Press publication. Apart from being a good behind-the-scenes learning experience in communicating with and managing (mostly-haha!) a team of 12 prolific authors, I had a chance to think on my feet regularly. The mighty Ben from BHP was in my radar and latched onto his ear, as needed of course. I do believe it was a pretty good team effort, and thank you a thousand times over to all the team, especially those of you who gallantly came in at the almost final moment! Heroes, all!

Just a snapshot of some work in 2021. Lots of good moments in writing, getting published, learning more about writing & publishing, as well as chatting on socials with writing buddies. See you again soon, hopefully before June. Just kidding. haha. Plans for 2022? Have started writing some essays for a proposed collection currently called UNBLOCKED. (Let’s see how it progresses, especially with that title…..)