Actually I do recall being bored… I don’t like it. It’s a fed-up ‘let me out of this jail’ kind of feeling and I never came to terms with it. Maybe I should have honed in on it with the right mindfulness technique. Oh well, over with that one.

So why don’t I ever get bored in these past couple of years? I started to write more seriously. Yes, I’d always written, be it poetry or paragraphs or plot themes. Now it was becoming more substantial. I had a need to get published, and share what I write. Put it out there into the big world. And the best way, of course, online and independently. Welcome to the world of Indie Publishing – you will like it here and life will never be the same. So that put an end to any old strains of boredom that may have lurked menacingly on the horizon.

And now, with the sudden emergence of what they are calling Covid -19, I am finding myself working from home and also hardly leaving the house. A trip to the supermarket every few days brings new things to see, and the walk every 2 days is having significant advantages. I just made a mind map of my ‘Time Takers’- things I do which hold my time. Here it is.

Meditation routine – starts early each morning, then includes a Webinar at 6.30am, connecting with individuals or in groups on platforms like Zoom or Google Meet etc..ongoing throughout the day.

Uni work – currently studying a unit on Narratology in my post grad Cloud ‘Writing and Literature course. ‘ This keeps giving me fresh ideas on my second greatest love *WRITING.*

Writing – I write speculative fiction, poetry, dabble in crime/psychological fiction and the odd paranormal romance. Love it all. It’s not my full-time work so I’m a bit more low key on promotion on social media, but am part of several online writing groups and especially Black Hare Press which is full of interesting, unique, and ‘no flies on me’ writers. Love it!

That’s not all I do, but will hold it there as lunch is ready and this is getting a bit long and detailed. đŸ˜»

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