Having just realised I haven’t done a blog post since February, I shooed away the procrastination goblin and got cracking. So here we are. What’s been happening? Apart from moving soon and the consequent downsizing, I actually haven’t written many new words of late. However, I’ve been editing, keeping on top of the not-now-secret ALICE project and it’s 12 savvy authors, and joining another group project via Black Hare Press.

Further on the indie publishing scene, a few new worthy of note anthologies have come out in the past few months from Black Hare Press, Raven and Drake, Black Ink Fiction, Breaking Rules Europe, Barrio Blues Press and Clarendon House Books. Maybe I’m a little biased here as my work is in a sprinkling of these publishers recent works. See cover pics below. Short blog today. Stay safe. Stay happy.

Inspiration for June 1st.

Be Kind, you don’t know what’s going on under anyone’s external face, however brave they may be appearing.

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