It’s Late June and I’m in Perth. Finally, I made it here after months of being locked down and locked out. And so far, it’s been a wonder; the feeling of ambiance is pervading and the nature is earthy and raw. Three weeks here looks to be a rich time for reflection, connection and joy.

Speculative poetry from Black Hare Press includes “Alice’s Adventures in Cyberspace”.
Coming soon,  BALM #2, includes the poem, The Mercy of Anna Lisa.
I am spending precious, privileged moments – long nights – with my mother Rita, in South Australia. She is preparing for her next scenes in the play of life. My lovely inspired, creative, savvy mum has given me many a good lesson, and rivers of love and hope. Update: today on July 4th, Rita passed on, with dignity and grace. Several of our family were gathered around and I had been reading aloud a short story mum wrote about her and my Aunty Paula’s adventures on holiday in Darwin, chaperoned by my cousin Russ. We were laughing and enjoying it a lot. Very soon after my mother left her mortal costume lightly and peacefully.
(*Beautiful pink flowers with thanks to Grant Hudson for the imagery.)

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